Targeted Kids Marketing - MILO Night Lights & Water Bottles


MILO brand of products has always been popular in Southeast Asian countries, popular not only with adults, even small children know about MILO as well!

So, what makes MILO so successful? Its branding and targeted marketing strategies play a huge role. Let us take a look at some of the attributing factors.

Positioning of the MILO Beverage

Unlike many drinks that target specific age group of consumers, MILO is deemed suitable for consumers across all age groups, due to the health & energy benefits of the drink. Of course, the delicious taste of MILO makes it possible to position itself as appealing to all too.


Emphasis on Kids

MILO brand gives the impression that it is an ideal supplement beverage to children, apt for consumption during the children’s growing up years, a healthy drink that is both tasty & nutritious. Coupled by the convenience of making the MILO beverage, it can be consumed hot or cold, these suits the hectic lifestyle of parents, who also want to provide the best for the kids.


Promotions / Marketing with Kids in mind

Over the years, whenever we see MILO products in retail outlets & supermarkets, there will always be promotions gifts for kids. This is in-line with the product brand image of advocating for children’s well-being.

An example of gifting meaningful giveaways for purchases is like in attached image above. A purchase of minimum packets of the MILO products will be entitled to receive cute animal designs of Night Lights or Water Bottles. Both these merchandises are suitable for children; they are things that children will use; and parents will usually spend money to buy these for their kids. Now that they come free with purchase, it will definitely prompt parents to make the purchases.

Another point worth mentioning is that the free gift does not come only in a single design. For the Water Bottles, there are 3 different designs; For the Night Light, there are also 3 variations available. This gives rise to repeated purchases as well.

These promotions are no doubt rewarding for both consumers and brand owners!


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