Merdana New Launch


Japan’s fascinating culture has been the subject of many art projects. But for the first time ever, the limited-edition souvenir Merdama will seamlessly blend Japan’s tradition and technology with Singapore’s most famous mascot.
As its name suggests, the Merdama is the fusion of the Merlion and the Kendama, a traditional skill toy that’s hasfascinated Japanese children for more than 300 years.

The production of the Merdama stays true to both cultures. Notably, this souvenir is manufactured at Yamagata Koubo facility, the award-winning Japanese company that crafts competition-grade kendamas. Using hydrographic printing, a traditional printing technique perfected in Japan, its unique design is meticulously etchedonto each piece.

The details on the Merdama tell the story of Singapore’s rich heritage. The patterns are borrowed from the kebaya, a timeless costume deeply rooted in our Peranakan culture. Over the decades, the exotic motifs on the traditional kebaya have gained international influence.

The Merdama has been conceptualised by DTC World, a corporate gift manufacturer with over 20 years of experience delivering innovative marketing merchandise for some of the world’s largest multinationals. To find out more about DTC World  Corporation Pte Ltd, please visit