How Dutch Lady Captivates Kids & Parents with Promotional Meal Sets promotion children supermarket promotions Dutch Lady Buddy Meal Sets

Saw this whole shelf full of different flavours of Dutch Lady milk packets while shopping at a supermarket in Kuala Lumpur. The

How Maggi Promo Pack Makes Customers Happy promotion Maggi Maggi Happy Pasta increase sales

An integral motive of any promotion campaign is to make customers happy, leading to increased sales, which is a key

Container Premiums Ideas premiums container ribena omega

Containers remain one of the most popular giveaways for household products. The two common types of containers are the glass and plastics

NESCAFÉ Gold & Bamboo Flask - A Blending Combination on pack promo bamboo flask nescafe eco-friendly

This Nescafe Gold on-pack promotion caught our attention at first sight. The whole packaging emitted an aura of elegance for

Mama Lemon Goes All Out To Win Market Share luminarc on pack promo Mama Lemom supermarket promotions

Mama Lemon brand of dish-washing detergents are being used by many households, capturing quite a fair bit of market share. 

How Kit Kat Captures Our Eyes with Brilliant Display collectibles chinese new year KitKat

Have you seen this attractive set-up in supermarkets? The eye-catching display not only appeals to young children, even adults will be

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