Popular with Women – Pouches – LUX and CLEAR Promotions


Aspire to be popular with women? Sometimes, it is as simple as gifting them gifts that are useful! This is an effective strategy of connecting with customers, and boosting sales simultaneously.

Pouches are always a favourite accessory for women and ladies, and products targeted at this gender love to use pouches in their marketing promotions.

Take the above Lux promotion as example: Purchase any 2 Lux products, and get a free Lux Pouch. The flowery designs on the pouch are refreshing and this appeals to the ladies’ crowd. This Lux Pouch can be used to put cosmetics; for cards & mobile phone when you are just leaving house to run errands; or for tissues & loose change when you are out for meals nearby.

Another promotion is the CLEAR Shampoo promotion: Get a free cosmetic pouch with purchase of at least RM30 of CLEAR range products. The size of this CLEAR Pouch is spacious enough to store your essential cosmetics, and also portable such that you can bring it out if required. Furthermore, it can also be used as a Travel Pouch when going on overseas trips.


In conclusion, benefits of using Pouches as gifts for purchase:

1) Versatility: There are numerous kinds of pouches (Hp pouch, Travel pouch, Cosmetic pouch etc) for almost unlimited usage. Furthermore, pouches can be customised into different sizes and colours to suit your promotion needs.  

2) High Degree of Customisation: There is ample space on the pouch to print your logo and marketing message. Thus when consumers use the pouches, it increases the branding exposure rates and improves brand awareness too.

3)  Cost Effectiveness: Looking at increasing the Returns on Investments (ROI) for your promotions? Giving out pouches is definitely a cost effective strategy.


Requiring assistance in designing giveaway pouches for your marketing promotions? Get in touch with DTC now for any enquiry. 

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