Best promotional products to win customers

Today, almost every company has door gifts, promotional products or corporate gifts. Previously we spoke about why corporate gift is an important marketing strategy. In it, we also highlighted the importance of being unique and stand out from the crowd. Today, we will look into how to determine which is the best promotional product for your company.

To answer that, ask yourself 2 important questions.

1. What is relevant and useful for your recipients?

Know your recipient. Step into their shoes and think about what they would like to receive from you.

If you are planning to make a corporate gift as an appreciation to your employee, a nice folder or notebook will be something they get to use frequently when taking notes.

Notebook created for our client Nestle.


For your client, you want to give them something which they can use in their daily lives as well. In the past, we use pen often. But today, are usually on our phones. So how about giving your customer (or even employee) a classy looking USB cable?

USB cable created for our client Guinness.

2. Can the gift be linked to my company’s offering?

Who’s your best customer? If you are LifeBuoy, your best customer is probably a mother who wants her child to be in a germs free environment. So why not have a cute Paw Patrol hand sanitiser which is both cute and useful as a promotional gift?

Hand Sanitiser created for our client LifeBuoy.


Are your best customers women who are cares a lot about their skin? What is better than a skin analyser?

Skin Analyser created for our client Laneige.


Here’s one of our favourite. A mahjong set by beer company, encouraging fun leisure time, while subtly reminding customers to grab a beer every time they play.

Mahjong set created for our client Guinness.


At the end of the day, understand your customers and the message you want to bring across to them. Discuss it with your reliable corporate gift supplier to come up with the most memorable promotional product. If you are looking for more creative ideas, we have compiled some of our customer’s works here: Creative Corporate gift ideas.


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